“I have loved many of Iona’s paintings over the years and, as a resident of Stirling, I especially enjoy catching fresh glimpses of places I know, seen through someone else’s questioning and pondering eyes.”
   ~ Dr Neil Oliver, Broadcaster, historian, archaeologist and author

Photograph: Bill Osment



Teaching Testimonials:

“I really felt encouraged and supported by you throughout the day and I found your approach to be enthusiastic, sensitive as well as challenging in positive way. Your compassion was infectious and has taught me to remember this to silence my inner critic”

Maria, Peebles

“your enthusiasm and explanations of how to “let it all out”  really loosened my painting technique.  I feel that your talent for teaching your art is unique and any youngster (or older person)  starting out will really benefit from your teaching”

Eleanor, Dollar

We first saw Iona’s work at the Wigtown Book Festival in Galloway and were enraptured. The character and depth and sincerely-felt emotion in her work makes for glorious paintings. We find something new and inspiring in Iona’s work every day. Commissioning a painting was easy and a dream come true for us, as it put shimmering life into an old much-loved story and interest that we have talked about for years”.
     ~ Alison & Barrie, Castle Douglas

“I have been overwhelmed by the depth of soul in Iona’s work. It spoke to me and I was intoxicated, filled by a sense of its power, and deeply affected.  Iona was therefore the natural choice when I wanted to commission a work to depict and bring to life my historic home, tasking her with bringing my house to life within its historical and current landscape, both human and natural.  Fully to give a sense of the breadth of both the time and space the house occupied, we decided upon a triptych … people and animals move across the canvasses: are they real?  Are they there now or the ghosts of earlier generations?  It doesn’t matter.  They have been, and so remain, part of the house, past, present and future.  Thank you, Iona. I greatly look forward to commissioning further work from you.”
     ~ JD, London

“Iona produced a stunning, stunning painting.  I was absolutely thrilled. She clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating a wonderful work of art.  I am so pleased she entitled it ‘And Yet It Stands’.  Many thanks Iona.  Stirling University media students produced a video of Iona at work in her studio. The video in part shows the process of her producing my commissioned painting  and how it evolved and was changed. Amazing!
     ~ Jamie C, Bedfordshire