A Trinity of Creativity, Mind and Body​

A Trinity of Creativity, Mind and Body

It’s a blessed day when my mind feels peaceful and bright, my body comfortable and my creativity flows with possibility. 

If I want to continue feeling energetic and inspired, I know I have to keep paying attention to all three areas;

Investing deeply in my artistic expression

Working diligently on my mind by helping free it from fears and past conditioning


Partnering with a Swedish health and wellness company Zinzino and taking omega 3 polyphenol-rich oil which brings my body back into balance by ridding it of inflammation.

BalanceOil by Zinzino (www.zinzino.com) coupled with Zinobiotic, a prebiotic powder for the gut biome and daily immune protection from Xtend tablets, a combination of vitamins and minerals, gives me renewed hope and optimism in all areas of my life.

l have learned that the majority of us have too much inflammatory omega 6 in our bodies and that makes blood cell membranes rigid leading to allergies, eczema and other autoimmune conditions. With me, it was stiffness and pain in my right arm that threatened to curtail my painting activity, coupled with fatigue, brain fog and poor eyesight. And this was despite spending well on organic food and supplements. Now I know that just a fraction of the nutrients were getting through to the crucial cell ‘factories’.

No wonder I was fatigued and demoralised.

Finding Zinzino for my own health was exactly what I was looking for. I joined immediately as an independent partner and now I have another, fascinating job. It’s my first foray into multi-level marketing and I had everything to learn but for me it’s a delight talking about these beautiful products that change lives on the cellular level.

So if what I’ve written about so far piques your interest and you too would like to become a partner or a customer, please get in touch with me (00447773347780) and I can tell you more. As much as you want to know and more about this test-based, preventative health, scientist-lead company from Sweden!

I look forward to hearing from you!”