The Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre

Paintings for sale at the Battle of Bannockburn Centre www.battleofbannockburn.com


'Innocence and Experience - dawn of the second day' ‘Innocence and Experience – dawn of the second day’ 121cms x 81cms mixed media on board £1,800.  An army prepares.


We Fight for Freedom‘We Fight for Freedom’ 40cms x 46cms mixed media on board £675, framed and glazed.  Close combat.

Bannockburn Soldier 18.5cms x 29cms ‘Bannockburn Soldier’ 18.5cms x 29cms mixed media on board, framed and glazed £350.  Direct gaze from a soldier of the fray.

Stirling Castle Unicorn Cafe paintings

Paintings and print for sale in Stirling Castle’s Unicorn Cafe

Escape at Dawn ‘Escape at Dawn’ 122cms x 122cms mixed media on board £1,800.  The young Mary Queen of Scots is taken in haste from Stirling Castle.

Souls on the Castle Rock 26 cms x 35 cms mixed media on cardSouls on the Castle Rock’ 26cms x 35cms mixed media on card £250, framed and glazed.

The Child King ‘The Child King’ 61cms x 65.5cms mixed media on board £650.  Swooping figures surround the small child on the throne.