Neil Oliver, Broadcaster, historian, archaeologist and author: “My own line of work is telling stories about history and archaeology. As such I have to be preoccupied with hard facts… I daydream about how people might have thought, how they understood the world around them and their place within it. The joy of paintings like these by Iona Leishman is that they give free reign to imagination. Light and dark, shards of colour, foreboding, triumph and disaster – all of it suggested here and allowing the past to come to life. I have loved many of Iona’s paintings over the years and, as a resident of Stirling, I especially enjoy catching fresh glimpses of places I know, seen through someone else’s questioning and wondering eyes.”

“I’m very glad that someone is painting pictures like this. History is far too important to be left to the historians…..It is exhilarating to see such creativity.”Elspeth King, Director Stirling Smith Museum and Art Gallery, Stirling

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